R Graphics Cookbook Practical Recipes for Visualizing Data, 2nd Edition

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This O’Reilly cookbook provides more than 150 recipes to help scientists, engineers, programmers, and data analysts generate high-quality graphs quickly—without having to comb through all the details of R’s graphing systems. Each recipe tackles a specific problem with a solution you can apply to your own project and includes a discussion of how and why the recipe works.
Most of the recipes in this second edition use the updated version of the ggplot2 package, a powerful and flexible way to make graphs in R. You’ll also find expanded content about the visual design of graphics. If you have at least a basic understanding of the R language, you’re ready to get started with this easy-to-use reference.
<li>Use R’s default graphics for quick exploration of data</li><li>Create a variety of bar graphs, line graphs, and scatter plots</li><li>Summarize data distributions with histograms, density curves, box plots, and more</li><li>Provide annotations to help viewers…